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Flexible OLED panels will be the new darling of the market

According to the news, samsung, a leading mobile phone supplier, is expected to launch the first foldable smartphones in late 2018 or early 2019, a trend that will drive the industry's demand for flexible OLED panels.

While samsung is showing the fastest growth in the flexible OLED sector, Beijing Orient is also playing catch-up, aiming to compete with samsung to get orders for apple OLED panels.

In response to growing competition, LG Display is also accelerating the development of related technologies, aiming to offer OLED panels to handset makers starting in mid-2019, even if in small Numbers; It will also narrow the gap with samsung in the small - and medium-sized OLED panels.

Most of the foldable smartphone models introduced by phone manufacturers today use an internal folding design for flexible display configurations, the sources said. The technical complexity is much less than that of an externally configured display design. However, displays with folding design still have to overcome many problems, such as dust easy to enter the flexible display surface, and further increase the flexible display folding times. At the same time, with the publication of folding model, the development of flexible OLED panels has shifted from the first phase with the focus on the bending model to the second phase with the focus on the development of folding panels with the curvature radius less than 1.0r.

As the substrate plays a key role in the production of flexible OLED panels, material suppliers have also introduced colorless polyimide (PI) with high light transmittance, heat resistance and low thermal expansion coefficient, making it an ideal choice to produce flexible OLED panels.

Samsung said it may have completed the development of OLED panels with a radius of curvature less than 1.0r, and is testing foldable smartphones made from panels provided by samsung electronics. Meanwhile, LG Display is expected to complete its development process for its 1.0R OLED panels by the scheduled time set at the end of 2019.

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