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Popular science: why do AMOLED screens not line up with RGB

First of all, AMOLED screen is the abbreviation of active-matrix organic light emitting bond. It has a super high degree of color reduction and fidelity, and the reduction of energy consumption and ultra-thin design are favored by many mobile phone manufacturers. And RGB arrangement is currently one of the most widely used color system, is based on red (R), green (G), blue (B) the change of the three color channels and their superposition between each other to get all sorts of color, RGB is on behalf of the red, green, blue three channels of color, color of the three channels including almost all the colors of the senses by human vision.

As for why not use RGB arrays? Well, the main reason is the question of cost, and the question of cost benefit is the big question.

As is known to all, the RGB arrangement screen resolution is high, the display is exquisite, color reduction degree of reality, many have obsessive-compulsive disorder on the image of the net friend has been looking forward to the AMOLED screen can use RGB to line up, make AMOLED screen to the next level, but there is no component supplier to upgrade this aspect function, lead to all the fans, etc. The flowers withered up half the sky.

What's the reason for that cost?

RGB is the most standard arrangement. It divides a square pixel into three equal parts. Each piece is assigned a different color.

This is a standard RGB pixel arrangement.

While AMOLED screens are mostly arranged in a Pentile RGB arrangement, which is different from the standard RGB arrangement.

This is how most AMOLED screens are now arranged in pixels. Each pixel is arranged in red, green or blue and green, and when arranged in parallel, the subpixels are cleverly Shared so that the entire screen remains in full color. (as shown in the figure below)

In this way, each pixel to reduce a sub pixel makes cost greatly reduce, because of the increase in the current mobile phone resolution sub pixel reduce did not has high-resolution screen display of a big flaw, and in terms of visual display effect is more bright-coloured, good for the pictures in the movies at ordinary times, basically no particles, the user experience is also good. The graininess only appears in the text display or logo display, but the overall effect is not significant.

For every business. Cheap and good, that's what matters. However, the RGB arrangement is too expensive compared with the current Pentile RGB arrangement, and the performance aspect is not able to kill Pentile RGB. The AMOPLED screen keeps the RGB arrangement at a distance.

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