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LG's fully transparent OLED display debut at ISE2018. It looks like a piece of glass.
The display is estimated to be the most exposed thing we do every day. I stare at the computer screen for 8 hours in the office, watch TV at home, and watch the phone. As a technology that is most closely related to our daily lives, the development of display technology is changing with each passing day. For example, at the CES show in early January, we saw Samsung's 146-inch video wall, LG's 65-inch OLED scroll-type display. When you don't need it, you can roll it up like a picture. Here is another new technology for LG, the transparent OLED screen. This technology directly saves you the steps of scrolling the screen, because it can be hidden in the environment and can be used as a glass screen. ISE 2018 (Display Integrated Systems and Equipment Exhibition) was opened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on Tuesday, and LG Electronics will announce a new transparent OLED display at this year's show. As shown in the picture, this display looks like a piece of glass. If there is no image, you can hardly notice that it is a monitor.
It is reported that this transparent OLED display is 55 inches in size and is designed for commercial users. For example, in the retail environment, it is mainly used as a digital signage, or used for exhibitions. Because of its transparent nature, it can be a work of art. Add a special front effect to create a unique viewing experience.

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