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Sales engineer

Sales Department


1. Responsible for the implementation of the sales business, and the completion of personal sales targets issued by the Department;

2. Coordinate relevant resources to undertake orders, contract signing and follow up execution;

3. Assist in the development of regional business expansion plans, procedures and specific methods, etc.;

4. Complete other temporary tasks assigned by the superior.


1. College degree or above, major in English, marketing or related specialties;

2. More than 3 years of sale experiences in TFT and CTP industries;

3. Familiar with marketing, financial basic knowledge, etc.;

4. Strong analysis, issue solving and communication skills, good team cooperation ability.

HR Specialist
Occupational qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, Human Resources field;

2. 3+ years’ experience in human resources, large enterprise human resources experience is preferred;

3. Receiving human resources management training, mastering human resources management, enterprise management, law and other related knowledge, familiar with the personnel management laws, regulations, principles and policies, holding the national human resources management qualification certificate is better.


1. Responsible for establishment, development, maintenance and evaluation of recruitment channels, and releasing of recruitment information in time;

2. Responsible for resume screening or search, telephone communication candidates, timely and reasonable arrangements for   interview, following up interview feedback. Responsible for interview results notice and recruitment process follow-up;

3. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of employee incentives, daily staff reward and punishment and process evaluation, development and implementation of special talent management programs, such as foreign experts, graduates ;

4. Sorting, statistical staff daily attendance information, updating and maintaining staff personnel information system, paying social insurance, personal income tax and commercial insurance-related costs.
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